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Are you struggling with making real connections outside your work world? Putting everyone else’s needs first because it feels safer to be in control?

I know it can feel scary. This is new territory, and you may have been told repeatedly or shown it wasn’t safe to have feelings or it wasn’t acceptable to talk about them.

Stop Hiding, Start Being YOU!

What would life be like if you had the courage and skills to create meaningful, authentic connections and comradery?

Gain the skills and inner peace to transform your relationships with yourself, your loved ones, and even your colleagues with more presence honest communication, and being authentically you.

Join us November 3rd for a life changing 10-Weeks



Intimacy and Compassion are the Bridge to a Deeper Human Connection.

In an ever changing world of agendas, performance anxiety, prolonged uncertainty and the hustle of living in today’s fast paced world, it can be easy to find intimacy, communication and your sexual experiences lacking the quality and soul connection you desire.

With me by your side we will cross that bridge into your new world

When I imagine intimacy, I feel it as a beautiful synergy of deep connection, awareness, presence, mindfulness and the ability to feel life on a visceral level. Being intimate is not just about romantic love, it’s profound embodied connection, developing good communication skills, and enhancing pleasure in all aspects of life, free from the expectations of others.

Imagine your most intimate moment — a conversation, a touch, a kiss — where it infuses your entire body with energy, where every breath leaves you feeling ALIVE, and where you know you are heard, safe and cared for — in the bedroom, at home or in the workplace, and in life overall.

This Course is for You if:

  • You find yourself silenced in conversations with parents or partner only yearning to be heard
  • You struggle with setting healthy boundaries at home or work
  • Your nervous system feels frazzled, and impacts the quality of your life
  • Your communication style takes you into an abyss of blame, struggle and feeling the need to prove your worth leaving you feeling agitated, angry and unheard
  • You fight for getting your needs met, which turns to debate and argument
  • You desire more emotional intimacy with your children
  • You put everyone else’s needs first and now find intimacy, playfulness and quality of connection suffering
  • You are curious and know there is more to sex beyond only physical penetration and are ready for those soulful erotic experiences
  • You have had a lack of relationship with your body, and spirit and ready to show up in loving connection

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Client Spotlight Interviews

Student Testimonials

Mastery of Connection, Redefining Intimacy will support you by:

Introducing you to new ways to embody intimacy, develop a felt sense of presence, somatic processes and tools for communication.

Providing you with a 90 – minute weekly group process in a coherent space, access to coaching and feedback specific to your situation.

Include you in a community of individuals who are redefining intimacy in the world.

Offering you a digital copy of Revolutionizing Intimacy, supplemental practices in between our video calls plus a bonus 1 on 1 coaching call during the time of this course

Mastery of Connection, Redefining Intimacy includes:

Live weekly virtual video sessions for 10 weeks, with video playback available the following day.
10 weeks of assignments and reading material.
Bonus 1 on 1 coaching session with Tziporah to provide personal attention on your specific situation at hand during the course
Digital copy of my latest book “Revolutionizing Intimacy, Navigating Connection in a Disconnected World”
Bonus: 4-Part Video Course, From Bound to Liberated, A 4-Part Strategy to Authentically Express Your Desires
Private Facebook community page to build a coherent space and practice redefining intimacy with fellow participants throughout the course.

What You’ll Get
from this Course:

You’ll begin to understand and shift your intimacy roadblocks

You’ll recognise the stories you have been telling yourself about relationships and gain skills to create ones that are more serving to you now

You’ll identify and learn how to live from your true north while developing relationships both personally and professionally that meet you there

You’ll identify important feelings and needs and how to communicate them concisely with loved ones

You’ll awaken to a new profound relationship with pleasure

You’ll begin to feel vibrant, passionate and healthy in your heart,and increase the capacity to share this in relationships

You’ll gain confidence in communicating through challenging moments

You’ll feel more playfulness, connection and sexual aliveness


“Thank you, Tziporah for giving us a precious gift of renewed vitality and enthusiasm in our love life. Tziporah helped my wife and I rekindle our love for each other. Having been married for 9 years, we had forgotten about the high-level joy and energy we had for one another on our wedding day. Her truly magical abilities, skills and care created a space for us to feel safe, open and to fully express ourselves like we have never done, opening doors to rich intimacy and a newfound presence and understanding for ourselves and each other. I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend Tziporah!”
Hamid Massoud

Software Company Manager

“I’m deeply grateful for Tziporah’s transformational mentoring! Before working with her, I was frustrated by the lack of intimacy in my marriage, after 9 years together and having our son. Through our couples and individual sessions with Tziporah, my husband and I have been slowly peeling back the layers that have kept us from showing up with full transparency and authenticity. This deep inner work has also empowered me as an entrepreneur to show up fiercely ​and ​authentically​ with my clients, stand strong in my feminine leadership, and attract new opportunities, clients and money from a place of clarity and ease. A deep bow of gratitude to you, Tziporah, for helping me transform these key areas of my life.”
Rebecca Massoud

Retired Business Owner, San Diego

Working with Tziporah has been a game changer. Since I started working with her, I have found my authentic self and communicate my beliefs and values more compassionately, making me more attractive both at home and in business. I have seen an uptick of 25% in my business and professional relationships. With my newfound purpose and long term direction, I have deeper intimacy and connection at home, my personal relationships are flourishing, and I am happier than I ever have been in my life.
If you feel stuck in your life, loss of intimacy, or something is missing, I highly encourage working with Tziporah. It is a life-changing.
Daniel H

CEO, Start Up Company

“Tziporah is a master at building a grounded and clear context for deep internal shifting. She is one of the most reliable and committed facilitators I’ve known. Participating in one of her courses are both playful and profound, both hard work yet full of pleasure. My erotic nature always expands my idea of who I am and Tziporah serves as a gifted guide to accessing that power.”
Ashley Rose

Artist, Actress & Transformational Facilitator

“Tziporah’s programs have given me what I needed me to up level my life as an empowerment mentor. Working with her has enabled me to love myself deeper, understand and care more for my body’s needs, and strengthen my trust in life and my divine feminine. I breathe and receive more now in life!”
Sylvia Becker-Hill

Founder of Über Women International Inc

Working in the intense high pressure and fast-paced world of TV, it’s easy to be cynical and jaded in relating to people in the business. By developing deep listening and compassionate communication skills, Tziporah taught me to transform the way I relate to colleagues, networks and contributors. Working with Tziporah has truly been a wonderful exciting experience making me a more effective communicator, a better listener and able to navigate through the daily pressures and stresses with an enlightened new outlook.

Executive TV Producer

Thank you for your AMAZING course. I am putting into practice what I have learned during our time together, particularly concerning making requests and asking for what I need. I have seen life-changing results with my interactions at work and in a relationship with my children, which I am truly grateful for.
Andrea Pocock

United Kingdom

I have begun to respond to my partner with more intimacy and his response to it has been very positive. I have opened up my communication in our relationship and have been able to observe my breathing while responding to others which helps my nervous system calm and me stay more centered.
Colleen Monaghan

Mother and Patient Support Staff at HFSC

Meet Your Coach

Tziporah Kingsbury, is a world renowned transformational leader, intimacy and mindful relationship educator, featured on ABC’s The Bachelor and Author of “Revolutionizing Intimacy: Navigating Connection in a Disconnected World”.

As an intimacy, communication and breathwork leader, she has traveled the world for two-decades sharing her Soulful Relating 7-Step System with passion focused individuals, couples and organizations, utilizing intimacy and compassion as a bridge for thriving human connection on the planet.

Tziporah’s role as a mentor, speaker, educator and seminar leader is to create a safe environment for those who she meets along the way. She loves to see people return to a place of awe and wonder for life and gracefully guides with curiosity and compassion.

I’m passionate about helping you manage stress and agitation, and have complete sexual and relational fulfillment so you can fully experience true love and be the change they want to see in the world.


I’m on your side and we will do this together!

3 – Pillars of Mastery of Connection

Week One: Mastery of Connection, Being a Co-Creator

Redefining Intimacy – The Felt Sense

Relationship with the one-self

Envisioning Embodied Process, Showing up as Co-creator

Week Two: Uncover Core Relational Patterns with Breath

Gateway to Intimacy through Breath
The condition breath patterns and how they are wreaking havoc on your relationships
The Breath Experience

Week Three: Redefining Intimacy

Coping Patterns and Core Habits
Recognizing Core Needs & Strategies
Knowing Your Nervous System

Week Four: Power of Deep Listening

Communication Styles
Courageous Conversations of the heart
It starts with deep listening

Week Five: Emotional Allies

Uncovering Unconscious Aspects of Self/Shadow Emotions
Explore Needs through the Felt Sense
Language of Sensation

Week Six & Week 7: Life Affirming Communication

Practice compassionate communication formula
Requests versus Demands
Head voice versus root voice. Feeling versus manic thinking
Turning desires into invitation – putting down the defenses

Week Eight: Self Pleasure

Relating to your sacred fire
Touch styles/preference
Self Pleasuring

Week Nine: The Energy of Desire, Sexuality and Pleasure

Breathing in Unison, exploring partnered work
Touch styles/preference, how to confidently ask
Sex beyond penetration – Energy Play

Week Ten: Q & A plus practice and recaps from entire course

The bigger picture to foreplay
When sexual expectations fail you, where to turn?
Fantasy and desire games of communication

Week Eleven: Coaching

1 on 1 coaching
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